Lean Six Sigma

Black Belt

Online Learning & Certification Approach

  • Cal Poly Extended Education Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Online Course 

  • 140 hours of online training

  • Completion of a Mini-Project

  • Successful completion of a 5 hour exam

  • 120 hours of lean six sigma related work experience (completed separately prior to or concurrent with this course)

  • A mentored black belt level project (part of this course)

  • An independent black belt level project (completed separately prior to or concurrent with this course)


Register for Green Belt Training

Buy MoreSteam

  • Contact Dr. Eric Olsen for a Discount Code as appropriate. Provide your status as a) CSU student, b) Completed IT303, c) Professional (non-student). Use your Cal Poly email if applicable.

  • Go to the Cal Poly/MoreSteam.com Lean Six Sigma Training website.

  • Click on ENROLL for the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. The price will be adjusted based on your Discount Code at checkout.

  • Login or CREATE MY ACCOUNT. Be sure to use your CAL POLY email account

  • Pay as directed.

Complete Training Class

  • Get a jump on a training session or two or wait for the class Kickoff Meeting. Make sure you can navigate the MoreSteam training lessons and website.

  • Attend Kickoff Meeting to review course requirements and troubleshoot technical issues.

  • Complete all course requirements with an 80% or better:

    • MoreSteam Session quizzes

    • Class participation

    • Mini-Project

    • Practice Exam

    • Final Exam

Prepare for Certification

  • Get or plan to get 120 hours of lean six sigma related work experience.

  •  Find and set up, or complete, an independent Black Belt level project. See the certification course syllabus for requirements.

  • Find and set up a mentored Black Belt Project. Create a draft project charter which requires approval prior to certification course enrollment

  • Email Dr. Eric Olsen for approval on items above.

Register for Certification

Complete Certification Course

  •  Review plan for completion of certification requirements with Dr. Eric Olsen

  • Dr. Olsen will sign you up for TRACtion online project tracking software with MoreSteam.

  • Complete Mentored Project.

  • Complete Independent Project (if not already complete).

  • Complete 120 hour Work Experience requirement (if not already complete).

  • Note: Not completing the certification project in 9 months requires paying a second course fee. Consider completing your Independent Project BEFORE registering for Certification.

Certified Cal Poly Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

If you have any questions, email Dr. Eric Olsen.