Monday, 26 April, 9:45am-1:30pm PDST


Join us for our 11th annual gathering of thinkers and practitioners from around the global lean community as we explore what it means to “build back leaner.”  For lean thinkers, surviving COVID has been both a challenge and an opportunity.  It has given us an opportunity to re-think and re-see how we have always done things.  In this Summit we will bring together experts and practitioners to ponder:

  1. What new challenges and opportunities will we have going forward?

  2. What are pivotal lean ideas and thinking that we can use?

  3. What are our top 10 ideas for Building Back Leaner?

Of course we will be respecting people by allowing participants to speak, share screens, and chat in Zoom.  We will also be practicing Liberating Structures using a little bit of structure to unleash an explosion of creative thinking.  

Hopefully, we will be back to in person Summits soon.  On the plus side, going virtual has allowed us to increase our reach for both participants and lean celebrities.  We are able to source the best lean ideas and “treatments’ in our ongoing experiment to build a community of lean practice on the Central Coast.



Set-up & Connection​

Welcome & Impromptu Networking

What new lean challenges and opportunities will we have going forward?​

Shift & Share Thinkinars - What are pivotal lean ideas and thinking for the future?

     1. ​Wes Love and Marty Imes - Culture Stoke

"From Transactional to Transformational: How to lead your team during times of change"

     2. Peg Pennington - MoreSteam

"View it Before You Do It!"

     3. Jeff Foster - Cross Border Xpress

"Cultural Intelligence"


Shift & Share Thinkinars - What are pivotal lean ideas and thinking for the future?

     4. Marci Miller and Jill Speece - Radiology Associates

"CARE in a Crisis"

     5. Mark Graban - Constancy, Inc.

"Red and Green is Not Lean"

     6. Scott Gauvin - Maresco

"Respect for People - Tool, Pillar, or Mindset?"

Best Ideas for 2021

What are your best ideas for Building Back Leaner?​

Wrap-up, Thank you's, and goodbyes

Post-Summit Networking








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