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Central Coast Lean Summit 2024 

The Central Coast Lean Summit is an annual gathering of thinkers and practitioners from around the global lean community.  Through workshops, lectures, and interactive activities,  the Summit allows participants to actively learn and apply lean concepts to a variety of industries and specific job functions. 

Mark your Calendars! 


CCL Summit 2024

Work better together!

April 18-19th, 2024

Summit large group in front of the SLO Brew Rock

Central Coast Lean Summit 2024

Work better together!


Keynote Speaker: Jim Benson

Author of the collaboration equation 


A Note From Jim

You started with passion, but now daily operations feel like a struggle. Teams are divided, work stalls, and problem-solving takes a back seat to crisis management. The problem? Your systems can't keep up. Communication breakdowns cause bottlenecks, and endless meetings don't solve anything.

You need a new management approach to align your teams, eliminate waste, and unleash potential. But no tool can fix the root issue: lack of collaboration.Silos stifle agility and efficiency. Without shared purpose, systems fail. Collaboration is essential—it lets professionals understand, own solutions, and adapt together.

In my book, "Collaboration Equation," I outline key principles:

  1. Foster psychological safety for honest engagement.

  2. Create transparency in workflows.

  3. Design systems that enhance purpose and autonomy.

  4. Lead with empathy and courage.

The Right Environment Exercise centers on five pillars: Shared Goals, Trust, Mindfulness, Working Agreements, and Continuous Improvement. This builds cultures where agility and efficiency thrive, empowering people to drive change. Start by fostering understanding, connecting teams to the bigger picture, not just supervisors. Encourage initiative, empowering people to solve issues at the source. Cultivate a culture focused on mission and humanity, not just tasks. If misalignment is costing you money and passion, it's time for a change. Let's discuss creating a smoother workflow.

Summit Highlights

 Join us for our 14th annual gathering of thinkers and practitioners from around the “local” lean community as we explore how to integrate working better together into your organization.  In this Summit we will bring together experts and practitioners to discover:

  1. How can collaboration be fostered amidst challenges like communication breakdowns and silos in the workplace?

  2. What are the strategic advantages of a collaborative approach, specifically in terms of waste reduction, increased agility, and a culture of continuous improvement?

  3. How can managers actively promote a collaborative mindset, emphasizing transparency, shared goals, and trust to enhance workflow efficiency and problem-solving?

  4. In what ways can employees integrate collaborative problem-solving techniques into their daily work, ensuring decisions are made closer to the issue source, promoting proactive initiative and adaptability?


Woking better together and process improvement is at the sweet spot for people like us that want people, business, and technology to play well together.  Please forward this message to anyone you think would benefit from collaboration with other professionals on integrating scientific thinking and plain good leadership into their organizations.

If you have never been to a Central Coast Lean Summit before, prepare to be pleasantly surprised.  Rather than a smorgasbord of tracks and rooms, where everyone hears something different and integration of ideas are left to chance, we allow everyone to hear and question a great subject matter expert, Jim Benson.  We then have you breakout with your functional or industry peers to talk about what you just learned, clarify your thinking, and put together a plan for action when you return to work. This allows you to get the most out of your learning/reflection day.  `.

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Want to be a Sponsor

Summit Sponsorships are available for $1500.  The package includes:

  1. A sponsorship slide scrolled during start-up and breaks,

  2. Company logo on the Summit website and the CCL Sponsorship page all year,

  3. Two invitations to the Lean Networking Reception Monday night (includes 2 guests or 4 total),

  4. Two free registrations to the Summit ($598 value)

  5. Discount of 50% for all your organization's attendees at the Summit!

  6. Table and/or poster in the break area if desired, 

  7. Invitation to the Pre-Summit Wine Tasting Tour and Dinner for special lean guests.


Make Payment on Registration Website 

In addition, please provide:

  1. A high-resolution logo suitable for display on a PowerPoint slide.

  2. Names, titles, and email for two free Lean Networking Reception attendees.

  3. Names, titles, and email for two free Summit attendees. 

*Note that the Post-Summit Workshop is not included in the package.