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Annual Summits

The Central Coast Lean Summit is an annual gathering of thinkers and practitioners from around the global lean community.  Through workshops, lectures, and interactive activities,  the Summit allows participants to actively learn and apply lean concepts to a variety of industries and specific job functions. 

 Central Coast Lean Summit 2022 

 The Future of Improvement: People and Technology 

April 25-26, 2022 8AM-5PM

Dear Lean Community,

Join us for our 12th annual gathering of thinkers and practitioners from around the “local” lean community as we explore the impact of technology on lean practice.  In this Summit we will bring together a team from McKinsey & Company  and practitioners to ponder:

  1. What does Industry 4.0 offer?

  2. What will the digitalization of work mean for customers and employees?

  3. How lean systems integrate this new technology?

  4. How will people and teams continue to improve?

Of course, we will be respecting people by having participants to speak, share, and connect.  We will also be practicing Liberating Structures using a little bit of structure to unleash an explosion of creative thinking under the artful facilitation of Douglas Ferguson, Founder, Voltage Control

This is our first physical Summit following two years of virtual Summits under COVID.  On the plus side, going virtual allowed us to increase our reach for both participants and lean professionals.  We were able to source innovative lean ideas and “treatments” in our ongoing experiment to build a community of lean practice on the Central Coast.  This year we relearn how to learn in person.


I hope you and your team can join us.


Cheers,  Eric O Olsen

Director of Central Coast Lean and Summit Host

Agenda Overview 

Summit - Monday, 25 April, 8:00-5:00pm

Lean Coaching Café Howard Kinkade, Lean Coach [concurrent with Summit]


8:00 am: Welcome and Start Up   Impromptu Networking


Question:  What is the biggest challenge you face in integrating new technology in your organization?

Screen Shot 2020-07-18 at 9.09.31 PM.png


A lean environment is a learning environment, where a great question is much more powerful than a command or a directive.  Lean practitioners live in a world of questions, seeking ideas and suggestions from every credible source.  At the Lean Coaching Café, we create an environment where your questions are welcomed.  For each question, our facilitator will help the group contribute until the person who posed the question has some ideas to try back at the workplace.  

Often, the question asked by others is also the question on our mind. Attend this session to learn from your peers while contributing your own experiences and innovations.

Schedule:  During the Summit, the Café will be open at specific times. Come to the Café, where a great discussion will nourish your mind, while you get a cup of coffee.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Learn workflow tips and tricks in a facilitated peer group discussion.

  2. Get suggestions from your peers to address your specific issue

  3. Learn from answers to questions that you would not even think to ask.

  4. Collect simple Lean “tips and tricks” which you can implement in your own workplace

NOTE:  It is NOT the goal of the Lean Coaching Café or the Lead Coach to provide a definitive answer to any particular problem or question. The goal is to maximize participation and allow lean community members to pull and deliver value.

8:30 am: Morning Block  The Future of Technology and Improvement

Session Title – Fourth Industrial Revolution Technologies: How they can make us more productive and more sustainable

Presenter:  Kevin Goering, North American Manufacturing Lead McKinsey Team


The latest findings from the Global Lighthouse Network, an ongoing research project by the World Economic Forum in collaboration with McKinsey, confirm the transformative power of innovative manufacturing technologies for today’s businesses. As the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) progresses, innovative technologies continue to enable remarkable economic and societal advances. Together, 4IR innovations are expected to create up to $3.7 trillion in value by 2025. But that value won’t be spread evenly. It’s already clear that a small number of organizations are running away with the first-mover advantage.

Lighthouses have succeeded by innovating a new operating system, including how they manage and optimize businesses and processes, transform the way people work, and use technology. These new operating systems can become the blueprint for modernizing the entire company operating system; therefore, how they prepare for scaling up for engaging the workforce matters.

The 44 designated factories show remarkable diversity. They arise across industries, sectors and geographies, ranging from single-site SMEs to some of the world’s largest corporations, from remote jungles to the largest cities, and from heavy industries such as mining and automotive to electronics and consumer-goods makers. Leadership in digital manufacturing is open to anyone willing to commit to it.

McKinsey will share these insights and views as the keynote speaker, including senior leaders from their North American Manufacturing and Supply Chain Group who focus on operational improvement projects serving 54% of the Global Fortune 500 on operational topics in the last three years.  McKinsey will focus on how to leverage 4IR topics and practical implementation solutions that help drive productivity, such as standard work labor training tools and automation.  The intent is to share these latest trends and invite a dialog on the topics with experienced practitioners in conference smaller group breakouts.


In order to give participants better insight to the application of these new technologies to their business processes, we will be doing a little Shift and Share.  Summit attendees will be moving between 4 stations where Senior McKinsey Experts, will discuss and answer questions on:

  1. The latest findings from the  Global Lighthouse Network .

  2. Getting the most from virtual reality on the shop floor (and your floor).

  3. Digitization in warehouse operations.

  4. Supply chain resilience.

12pm: Lunch Provided


8:30 am: Lean Coaching Café- Howard Kinkade, Lean Coach


1:00 pm: Afternoon Block   The Future of People and Improvement


Session Title – Human-Centered Change

Presenter:  Douglas Ferguson, Founder, Voltage Control


There are countless stories of organizational change efforts stagnating or failing to deliver the business outcomes originally anticipated. Quite often the focus on operational excellence, technology, and logistics leaves out the most critical element of change: the people.

When people are seen, heard, and included they become co-authors of the change. It is through this authorship that they have a sense of relevance and belonging. This is the recipe for robust and resilient change. 

In this session, we'll go beyond platitudes on the importance of culture and examine what it truly means to

  1. Include and unleash everyone.

  2. Co-create a path to change

  3. Develop new insights with prototypes

  4. Embrace emergent phenomenon

Lean Networking Reception - Monday, 25 April, 5:00-6:30pm

[included with the Summit]


Magical Meetings Workshop - Tuesday, 26 April, 8:30am-3:30pm

Reinvent How Your Team Works Together

[priced separately or in a bundle]

Location: The Milking Parlor at the Octagon Barn, San Luis Obispo, CA


TitleMagical Meetings - Douglas Ferguson

Poorly run & unorganized meetings cost businesses both financially and culturally, and participants don’t reach their creative potential. It’s possible for your work environment to produce more meaningful and fruitful outcomes. Prevent terrible meetings from happening by implementing pro-level meeting mantras and frameworks before, during and after your meetings. Not only can you create meetings that are playful, purposeful, and magical, but you can also leave all attendees feeling proud of their work


This workshop is for anyone who wants to create meetings people want to attend; if you want to unleash the potential of everyone in the room so you can all do your best work together. 

In this workshop you’ll learn 4 meeting mantras from Douglas Ferguson and John Fitch’s book Magical Meetings and how to implement them:

  1. Do the work in the meeting

  2. Disagree and commit

  3. Capture room intelligence 

  4. Debrief for durability

  Pre-Summit Mini Vacation!  

 Click the link below to learn different ways that participants (and their families) can explore San Luis Obispo!  Our town is a perfect vacation destination in itself with beaches, sightseeing, wineries, and great weather.  A potential itinerary of our favorite local “must dos” is included below.

Want to be a Sponsor? 

Summit Sponsorships are available for $1500.  The package includes:

  1. A sponsorship slide scrolled during start-up and breaks,

  2. Company logo on the Summit website and the CCL Sponsorship page all year,

  3. Two invitations to the Lean Networking Reception Monday night (includes 2 guests or 4 total),

  4. Two free registrations to the Summit ($598 value)

  5. Discount of 50% for all your organization's attendees at the Summit!

  6. Table and/or poster in the break area if desired, 

  7. Invitation to the Pre-Summit Wine Tasting Tour and Dinner for special lean guests.


Make Payment on Registration Website 

In addition, please provide:

  1. A high-resolution logo suitable for display on a PowerPoint slide.

  2. Names, titles, and email for two free Lean Networking Reception attendees.

  3. Names, titles, and email for two free Summit attendees. 

*Note that the Post-Summit Workshop is not included in the package.  

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