Lean Celebrities

Wes Love & Marty Imes


Topic Title: From Transactional to Transformational: How to lead your team during times of change

Abstract: In this discussion CultureStoke will discuss why your organizational culture should always be your number one focus, how to shape it and what are something you can do to lead a resilient and meaningful organization. 

Bio: We help business owners and teams build great company culture to help them grow faster, increase profitability, and have more fun.  We are transforming the way people experience work so they can lead healthier and happier lives at work and beyond.

Peg Pennington


Topic Title: View it Before You Do it!

Abstract: We discuss and demonstrate the use of simple models to teach the application of lean to processes.  Easily created and visual representations of current and future state process maps provide a path to deeper understanding of how abstract lean methods can be implemented.  Using dynamic models (think “living process maps”) provide several advantages.  From the perspective of the learner, the visual before and after representations “are worth a thousand words.”  And, from a Lean Leadership perspective, the advantages are two-fold:  First, the use of modeling provides opportunities for risk mitigation and optimization.  Second, modeling introduces a change management tool for gaining buy-in from process stake-holders.  Thus, using modeling in teaching and practicing lean methods improves both the process of coaching/mentoring and the actual work of continual improvement.  

Bio: Peg Pennington leads MoreSteam's executive team as President. Prior to joining MoreSteam, Peg served as the Executive Director of the Center for Operational Excellence (the “COE”) at Ohio State's Fisher College of Business, and she also has experience in a managerial role at Emerson Network Power.    Peg has a deep familiarity with the global process improvement community and a strategic focus on “next” practices. She is an expert in developing organizational cultures to embed critical thinking and problem-solving as a core competency. At the COE she was instrumental in establishing rigorous standards for Lean Six Sigma certification aligned with industry norms. She continues to work tirelessly to develop communities of learning such as the Central Coast Lean community and is a frequent speaker.

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Jeff Foster

Topic Title: Cultural Intelligence

Abstract: ​​Navigating organizational and multinational cultural differences 

Discuss adaptation of Lean tools and methodology integrated with change management skills to support Lean thinking at various levels of acceptance within the workplace. Identify cultural barriers, both organizational and multinational, which prevent progress or constrain expected impact of process improvement efforts. Many organizations “attempt” Lean implementation and improvements, but the effort begins with a Lean practitioner applying tools to challenges. Although minimally effective, these efforts are not sustainable and soon revert back to old habits, due in part to cultural differences. Practitioners can be successful overcoming cultural barriers using a combination of change management, emotional intelligence, and lean tools. We will discuss current state of cultures within your organization and share best practices to provide momentum for your Lean skill application. 

Bio: Jeff Foster serves as Chief Operating Officer for Cross Border Xpress, and is responsible for maximizing the organization’s operational efficiency. As part of his role, Foster works to implement and maintain continuous process improvement techniques and practices among the cooperative organizations within the organization’s location, using Lean methodology to develop more effective and profitable business practices.

Foster joined Cross Border Xpress in 2020, prior to which he served as Corporate Director of Performance Improvement for San Diego Zoo Global and as the Operations Support Manager for the North American division of Starwood Hotels and Resorts. His Six Sigma and Lean experience provided insights for Starwood to improve hotel operational performance and maximize room revenue. He was also part of the 4-person team responsible for Lean program implementation at 440 properties across North America. He has over 30 years of process improvement, leadership development and coaching, and hospitality operations experience with multiple hotel companies including Hyatt, Marriott, and Walt Disney Resorts. Foster is certified in Six Sigma, Lean, Organizational Capacity, Business Process Management and Leadership Development methodologies.

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Mark Graban


Topic Title: Is Red and Green Really Lean?

Abstract: In the context of metrics for Lean management, are we continuing to improve and evolve? Are we stuck in the “way I was taught” or “the way we’ve always done it”? If so, should we aspire to do better? We can.


Many organizations use a method for displaying metrics that’s often called “bowling charts.” Can we really see statistically meaningful “trends” in a long list of numbers? If we color code each number as red or green, some say we can tell if we’re “winning or losing” – but are we improving? Are we really improving?


In this talk, Mark Graban introduces a method, “Process Behavior Charts,” that is almost 100 years old. It’s not outdated, it’s proven. Process Behavior Charts help us distinguish between “signal” and “noise” in our metrics. They help us better evaluate our attempted improvements. They help us react less, lead better, and improve more.

Bio: Mark Graban is author of the award-winning book Lean Hospitals: Improving Quality, Patient Safety, and Employee Engagement. Mark is also co-author, with Joe Swartz, of Healthcare Kaizen: Engaging Front-Line Staff in Sustainable Continuous Improvements and The Executive Guide to Healthcare Kaizen. His most recent book is Measures of Success: React Less, Lead Better, Improve More. He is also the creator and editor of the anthology book Practicing Lean. 


He serves as a consultant to organizations through his company, Constancy, Inc and also through the firm Value Capture. He is also a Senior Advisor to the technology company KaiNexus. Mark is also the host of podcasts including “Lean Blog Interviews,” “My Favorite Mistake,” and “Habitual Excellence, Presented by Value Capture.”


Mark has a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from Northwestern University and an M.S. in Mechanical Engineering and an M.B.A. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Leaders for Global Operations Program. 

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Marci Miller & Jill Speece


Topic Title: CARE in a Crisis

Abstract: In 2020, Radiology Associates successfully navigated the pandemic by monitoring capacity daily, forecasting short-term resource needs, and proactively repositioning staff to meet those needs.  A back-to-basics approach of making data-driven decisions provided staff with job security through an uncertain time and patients with a place to go (when imaging options became limited) to continue their care.  This presentation will review our high-level CARE process for surviving a crisis.

Calculate your numbers
Allocate resources
Rubber stamp future work
Experiment daily

Bio: Marci Miller is the Chief Administrative Officer at Radiology Associates.  She has BS in Accounting from Chapman, an MBA in Leadership from the University of LaVerne, and has been with Radiology Associates for 17 years. 


Jill Speece is the Director of Business Optimization at Radiology Associates.  She has a BS in Industrial Engineering from Cal Poly, SLO, a MS in Engineering Management from USC, and is working on a PhD in Systems Engineering through Colorado State.

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Scott Gauvin


Topic Title: Respect for People – Tool, Pillar or Mindset?

Abstract: It is a common understanding that Respect for People is a central element to any complete Lean program. What is Respect for people? A tool, a pillar or a mRespect for People into your Lean efforts? These are some of the questions we will explore to help companies build back leaner.

Bio: Scott is a seasoned change agent with over 25 years experience successfully helping organizations realize their potential. Throughout his career, Scott’s focus has been on driving a progressive approach to operations strategy. He has advised companies the world over and across a wide range of industries including pharmaceuticals, biotech, food processing management, packaging, aerospace and industrial manufacturing. 


In addition to driving the growth of Macresco’s consultancy practice, Scott counsels client organizations in transition and is most often involved in strategic endeavors that include a change as well as innovating underperforming business models to improve market opportunity.