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Lean Hobnob

Lean Hobnobs are FREE social networking events. These gatherings are designed to promote connections between local lean practitioners. CCL hosts Lean Hobnobs in-person and free of charge.  

Any, and all, are welcome.  Expect to sit or stand around with a beverage and chat with your new or old lean friends.

Upcoming Hobnobs: 
Featuring Celebrity Guests
Workshop Attendees
Friday, March 8 2024, 5:00-6:30pm
  • FREE!

  • This is a "just show up" event.  No registration is necessary, but is encouraged.  Get on our calendar invite/reminder list.

  • Spouses and significant others welcome.

  • We are experimenting with holding the Hobnob right after Workshops in the same location:   UU Social Hall, 2201 Lawton, SLO, CA

  • 2-hour arrival window (5:00-6:30pm).

  • Bring your favorite beverage and a snack to share [Not required for new to Hobnob or workshop participants].

  • Features outdoor congenial conversation.

  • Lean related BOOK SWAP!

  • Doubles as a post Central Coast Lean Workshop Reception.

  • May feature a particular lean celebrity guest who is visiting SLO.

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