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Lean Six Sigma

Green Belt 

Online Learning Approach

  • 100% online classroom via Zoom

  • Regular lean celebrity guest speakers

  • Completion of a 'Quiz' for each session

  • Weekly online movies

  • Online MoreSteam training material 

  • Individual Lean Six Sigma MINI PROJECT

  • Real work experience

  • Mentored Lean Six Sigma PROJECT


Register for Green Belt Training

Buy MoreSteam

  • Dr. Eric Olsen will provide a Discount Code as appropriate. Go to the Cal Poly/ Lean Six Sigma Training website.

  • Click on ENROLL for the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt. The price will be adjusted based on your Discount Code at checkout.

  • Login or CREATE MY ACCOUNT. Be sure to use your work email account.

  • Pay as directed.

Complete Training Class

  • Get a jump on a training session or two or wait for the class Kickoff Meeting. Make sure you can navigate the MoreSteam training lessons and website.

  • Attend Kickoff Meeting to review course requirements and troubleshoot technical issues.

  • Complete all course requirements with an 80% or better:

    • MoreSteam Session quizzes

    • Class participation

    • Mini-Project

    • Practice Exam

    • Final Exam

Prepare for Certification

  • Get 120 hours of lean six sigma related work experience.

  • Find and set up a mentored Green Belt level project. See the certification course syllabus for requirements.

  • Create a draft project charter which requires approval prior to certification course enrollment

  • Email Dr. Eric Olsen for approval on items above.

Register for Certification

Complete Certification Course

(9 months)

  • Review certification requirements with Dr. Eric Olsen.

  • Dr. Olsen will sign you up for TRACtion online project tracking software with MoreSteam.

  • Complete Mentored Project.

  • Complete 120 hour Work Experience requirement (if not already completed).

  • Note: Not completing the certification project in 9 months requires paying a second course fee.

Certified Cal Poly Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

If you have any questions, email Dr. Eric Olsen.

Transactional vs "Regular" Green Belt


Are you looking to implement lean principles in an administrative work environment?

Are you a CSU, UC, or Community College faculty or staff member?

Are you looking for a more general overview of lean principles?

Are you involved in industrial operations and/or manufacturing?

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