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Custom Support Services

In support of our mission to build a community of lean practice on the Central Coast, we offer several “simple fee” facilitation and training support services to help you in your lean transformation.  The simple fee pricing structure is provided to avoid the waste and uncertainty of typical custom consulting relationships.  The simple fees provide you visibility up front and allows you to plan.

Kaizen Event
(Process Improvement)

12 hours net of expert facilitated problem solving




Workshop Facilitation

4 hours of expert meeting facilitation.


On-Site Lean Leadership Workshop

Customized version of any of our regular 1-day public workshops:



All products:

  • Are available in in-person, virtual, or hybrid modes.

  • Conducted by Dr. Eric Olsen who is a Cal Poly Professor of Industrial Technology and the Director of Central Coast Lean 

  • Supported by our Cal Poly Industrial Technology Student Team.

  • Include setup and follow-up.

To book one of these events or learn more please fill out this form and we will get back to you shortly!

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